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The starting point of the kayak tour is the beach, located next to the city park and just 100 meters from the port of Kotor and the old town, which offers a beautiful view of entrance to the Bay of Kotor.

Upon arrival at the starting point, the tour participants will be introduced to the guides about the safety equipment and how to manage the kayak. After a brief training and setting certain rules, that the participants must abide by, the guided tour along the coast starts towards Glavati Beach. Walking around the coast, the participants of the tour will have opportunity to get the acquainted with the beautiful Palaces, Churches, Cathedrals, located in Dobrota ,and which belong to medieval architecture. Upon arrival at the beach, the main participants will have the opportunity to rest , enjoy swimming and snorkeling. After that ,they head back to the order side of the bay ,where they will get acquainted with the buildings and Churches of Prcanj and Muo, and enjoy the splendid view on the old town of Kotor, and it’s ramparts ,as well as the high hills rising above the bay. The tour duration is from 2h 30 min to 3h. Each tour participant receives a dry bag in which they can put their personal things, a diving mask, as well as a bottle of water.

Tour guide with other participants also accompanies the vessel which is used to support the kayak tour. Participants are advised to bring sunglasses, a hat or cap, camera or phone.

  • Kayak rent for hour/15€
  • Kayak rent all day/40€
  • Kayak group tour

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Kayak Specifications

A stable & versatile sit-on-top for one or two people with a capacity of 550lbs/250kg

  • Complete Dimensions 410 cm x 84 cm
  • Weight 75 lbs / 34 kg
  • Max Load 550 lbs / 250 kg

Ideal for Single or two-person use + 1 child up to 550lb /250kg
Also suitable for fishing, 1 person + gear, where additional capacity/space is needed.
Ease of transport with wheel transport system

Kayak tour Kotor Montenegro Phone: +38267085865 viber whatsapp

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